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H.P. Klötzli, Messerschmied, 5. Generation


"It is my pleasure to give you an insight into our family owned knife-smithy!"


H.P. Klotzli

Kloetzli ACC1 - Klappmesser mit Karbongriff, made in Switzerland


365.00 CHF

Die Kloetzli Messerschmiede hat eine grosse Auswahl an Messern und Scheren

the biggest


The retail stores of the Klotzli knifesmithy offer one of the largest selections of knives and scissors in the world. We are proud to have assembled such an impressive assortment of quality products. Catch a glimpse by browsing through the pictures of our shops.

Official Swiss Border Guard Knife - Model Klotzli sbg1

Swiss Border Guard


380.00 CHF

Die 2. Generation der Familie Klötzli vor dem Ladengeschäft

since 1846


Discover more about the history of the Klotzli knifesmithy and discover our ancestors legacy and our heritage.

Klotzli Schaerfeminar, lernen wie man Messer scharf haelt.


Sharpening Seminar

Learn how to sharpen your knives correctly (and how to keep them sharp)! Visit one our popular sharpening seminars and get a crash course on production, usage and correct care of (kitchen) knives. Seminar held in German in our stores in Burgdorf and Bern.




21.00 CHF

Einblick in der Werkstatt der Klötzli Messerschmiede

handmade in the


The Klotzli knifesmithy produces a few hundred custom made folding knives every year, as well as specialty knives and blades for industrial purposes. Visit our galleries for a glimpse into the heart of our business.

Hockey Hegu - Hockey Messer. Messer aus original Stöcken und Kufen des SC Bern. Hergestellt in der Klötzli Messerschmiede.

world premiere

Hockey Knife

The Klotzli knifesmithy is proud to produce the first ever knife made from original skids and sticks used by the players of the Bernese national league ice hockey club, the SCB. The knives are sold out at the moment - we are waiting for next season!




The Swiss bank Raiffeisen interviews the Klötzli family on working together as a family, the change of generation in the business and what it is like for HP Klötzli to hand over his life`s work to the next generation. Interview in German.

Official Swiss Border Guard Knife - Model 22

Swiss Border Guard

Modell 22

290.00 CHF

Klötzli Klappmesser mit Titanschalen und Einlage aus Mammut-Elfenbein




580.00 CHF

Klötzli Klappmesser



2400.00 CHF


Walker 03

360.00 CHF

Photo Story


The Swiss news portal swissinfo.ch produced an extensive photo story on the Klotzli workshop. The report is translated into 9 languages and gives a great insight into the workshop.


Official Swiss

Border Guard KNife

The Klotzli Knifesmithy is honored to have the license to produce «OFFICIAL SWISS BORDER GUARD KNIFE».

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