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Vinetu Werkstatt

Workshop foreman

Vinetu Demirovski

Vinetu loves his craft. Since 1999 he has been proofing over and over that he delivers a perfect product. With the same verve that he shows in the workshop every day he plays the saxophone and guitar and dances salsa. ‚I am proud that my ancestors forged the sword of Alexander the great. Knifemaking must be in my blood!'

Mika, Werkstattteam

Precision Engeneering

Mika Collison

Mike takes the precision seriously like no one else at Klotzli. Since 1997 he developes the solutions to our technical problems, builds prototypes as well as tools and templates. Our CNC milling machine is his favourite tool. With that same passion for precision he builds recumbent bikes and restores his classic car.




Rita Beer


The same constancy that Rita demonstarates when tending to her garden or nordic walking, she demonstartes in the Klotzli workshop since 2007. Her clean and precise work is a joy to us! ‚There is nothing more usefull than high quality knives
and scissors in kitchen and garden!‘

Sharpening & Production

Dominik Fankhauser

Dominic needed a career change and decided to make a career out of one of his biggest passions. Because of his vast interest in the subject and his great eager to learn, he has become a great craftsman.

Matthias Werkstatt

Sharpening & Production

Matthias Krähenbühl

As a trained metalworker, Matthias has an excellent excellent for us, now he can deal with increasingly small and sharp metal parts. This seems to suit him well!


Assembly & Production

Maria Capelli

As a trained maker of musical instruments and piano tuner, Maria is very used to working with high precision. Now she uses these skills in our production.

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