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Sharpening Service

The Klötzli knifesmithy have been providing a professional resharpening service for knives, scissors and cutlery of all sorts since 1846. Things may have changed since then, but the craftsmanship remains the same – it requires manual skills, patience and a steady hand.

Grinding machine in the Klotzli workshop



Unlike the sharpening one does at home, professional resharpening is a process that restores the blade to its original state. The polishing of the edge, usually done on a steel or stone, is merely the final step.
These are the 5 main steps:
1. blade shape: correct any dents or deformation
2. blade profile: return the blade profile to its original shape
3. polishing: remove any scratches or sanding marks on the surface of the blade
4. brushing: create a smooth, even surface on the blade
5. sharpening: polish the actual cutting edge of the blade to make it sharp



Sharpening Scissors is like sharpening two knives, the scissors need to be taken apart and worked over separately. In 35 steps each pair is completely overhauled and returned to their original state. The large selection of scissors and the countless uses for them calls for an expert eye of the knife maker. Each type of scissors has a different angle of the cutting edge, depending on the purpose of the tool. Resharpening is only done on high quality scissors.

Different types of knives sharpened in the Klötzli workshop

Knife Sharpening Service

In our workshop we sharpen all sort of knives! Anything like
axes, butchers knives, bread knives, chefs knives, damascus steel knives, Deba knives, daggers, deboning knives, dinner knives, filleting knives, folding knives, hatchets, hunting knives, kitchen knives, mincing knives, Nakiri, outdoor knives, oyster knives, pocket knives, slicer blades, straight razors, vegetable knives ...

how to proceed

Bring in your dull knives and scissors to one of our stores in Bern or Burgdorf or send them by mail. After about 5 days the finished repaired items are ready to be picked up or will be returned to you by mail.



Do you have special tools?
We do our best to sharpen everything that is technically possible. Reach out to us and we will try to find a solution.
+41 34 422 23 78

Different types of scissors that are resharpened in the Klotzli workshop

Scissors Sharpening Service

We repair and resharpen all kinds of scissors in our workshop:
Applique scissors, all purpose scissors, bonsai shears, cuticle scissors, crafting scissors, dressmakers shears, embroidery scissors, fish scissors, gardening shears, hair scissors, kitchen scissors, mustache scissors, nail scissors, paper scissors, pruning shears, pinking shears, stitching scissors, tailor scissors... and more.

Damascus steel, damascus knives can be sharpened in the Klotzli workshop

Damascus Steel

We provide a professional sharpening service for all kinds of Damascus blades. Whenever possible we treat the surface of the steel with additional steps to enhance the beautiful pattern of the steel.

Japanese knives shapes that can be resharpened in the Klotzli workshop

Japanese Kitchen Knives

We resharpen all kinds of Japanese blades professionally, including the popular Santoku or Nakiri knives. With regular steel, forged, multi-layer or Damascus steel, with symmetrical V-Profile or Hollow grind – our knife makers take care of your precious tools.

don`t throw away


Repairing and resharpening is better than throwing away!
And it gets even better: Our workshop is powered by 100% renewable energy from Swiss sources. You choose to repair, we carry it out using renewable energy.
Cool - right?


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