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Special Productions &

Industrial Blades

The Klötzli Knifesmithy produces a wide array of custom blades. Depending on the requirements and quality these blades are made in the Klötzli Workshop or by one of our countless suppliers around the globe.


Käsebohrer wärend der Produktion in der Werkstatt auf einem Holzbrett

Cheese Triers

The Klotzli knifesmithy has been producing cheese drills for generations. This precise tool is the „oldest“ product produced in the workshop. It was introduced to our range at the turn of the last century.

Custom Blades

We have the possibility to produce blades according to exact requirements. Steel and angle of the cutting edge are chosen to best fit the needs and purpose of the blade.

Grosse Klinge / Messer als Teil einer Maschine, auf einem Holzbrett.

Teile einer Teigschere, ein Messer-Paar zum zerschneiden von Teig in der Industriellen Produktion

Dough Scissors

Blades for an industrial dough machine. Production of the blades according to plans and specification of the customer.

Wiegemesser Klinge vor der Montage des Griffs, produziert nach Anforderungen des Kunden.

Mincing Knife

Production of a mincing knife blade according to design and specification of a customer (without the wood handle).

Grosse Industrieklinge für Industrielle Zwecke auf einem Holzbrett


For projects that exceed the capacity of the workshop we can rely on a number of manufacturers from around the globe to work according to our technical expertise and quality control.

Käsehobel-Klingen in zwei grössen zum hobeln von feinen streiffen Käse.

Slicer Blades

Slicer blades can be custom made or produced in standard measurements.

Brotmesser mit Wellenschliff in Form von verschiedenen Berg-Panoramen.

Panorama Knife

The Klötzli knife smithy was significantly involved in the development of the popular „Panorama Knife“ kitchen knives. The main objective was the technical supervision and the establishing of cooperations, as well as the quality control.

Trapez-Klingen mit Wellenschliff, besonders oft verwendet bei Wursthobel für den Hausgebrauch.

Sausage cutter

Blades for sausage cutters are available in different sizes, made in Switzerland in our own workshop or by suppliers.

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