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The Klotzli knifesmithy has been producing knives since 1846, HP Klotzli moved the workshop to it`s current location in 1992.

Einblick in den Staubraum der Klötzli Messerschmiede

Maschinen zum polieren in der Klötzli Werkstatt

Hand Made

IApart from the well known folding knives, the workshop of the Klötzli Knife smithy produces a variety of blades for Industrial uses. High Quality blades, entirely handmade. Of course there is a lot of resharpening and repair work done on all kinds of knives and scissors.

Maschine zum glänzen von Klingen in der Werkstatt

Maschine zum schleifen mit verschiedenen Schleifscheiben in der Klötzli Werkstatt

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