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Klötzli by

Ephraim Bieri

Ephraim Bieri specialises on photojournalism. He tells stories with his pictures, as close to the people as possible.

Fotografie eines Klötzli Jagdmessers mit Holzgriff von Ephraim Bieri

Fotografie eines Klötzli Walker 03 Klappmesser in orange von Ephraim Bieri

As a professional mechanic, Ephraim Bieri brings his fondness for steel into these pictures. His unconventional way into photography as an autodidact allows him a very playful approach to the subject. After working for several renowned photographers, Ephraim is self-employed in Bern.

Top left: Klotzli Walker tactial orange
Top: Klotzli Modell 15
Bottom left: Klotzli Tanto Shibumi

Das Klötzli Tanto Shibumi fotografiert von Ephraim Bieri

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