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4. Generation 1911-1975

Ernst Ulrich

Ernst Alfred Klotzli was able to serve his apprenticeship in his father’s workshop with concurrent enrollment at a business school, a novelty at the time. His years of travel led him to France, where he deepened his knowledge of his craftsmanship.

Porträt von Ernst Klötzli

Visitenkarte von Ernst Ulrich Klötzli

Aussenansicht des Ladenlokals der Klötzli Messerschmiede an der Mühlegasse 6

Store Front

The house at Mühlegasse 6 in Burgdorf, Switzerland houses the store, workshop and home of the entire Klötzli family for 4 generations.

In 1942 he took over the family business. He modernised the workshop by installing electricity. Previously the workshop had been powered via transmission from the neighbouring mill. In 1946 he bought a house in the upper town of Burgdorf and moved the shop to its current address. The workshop stayed at its original location.

Inserat zum Hundertjährigen Jubiläum der Firm Klötzli

Klötzli Trademark

"K B"
Klötzli Burgdorf




"E K"
Ernst Klötzli

Inserat für Bestecke von Ernst Klötzli

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