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H.P. Klötzli

H.P. Klotzli has managed the business from 1972 to 2018 with deep fascination for the craftsmanship and tremendous verve, making him an expert on the field of knife making. He loves traveling and taking a nice Italian car for a spin. Ideally to a medieval town square where he enjoys a cigar or gelati.


Bea Klötzli

Bea is very enthusiastic about a lot of things: People, literature, philosophy, hiking, playing the piano, making clothes, traveling... Her enthusiasm shows in her projects like hauskonzerte.ch.
"For me, our great team and the high level of craftsmanship are the most fascinating things about our business."


Nina Klötzli

Returning home after long travels, she brought with her an abundance of French charm, Australian candour and English humor.

"A business with history and human stories, honest products and craftmanship: in todays anonymity a rare find that is worth the effort!"


Samuel Klötzli

With a background in the arts, Samuel is enjoying the creative aspects of business. He is responsible for marketing and sales and the visual appearance of the business.

"I really enjoy putting my energy into the family business. It`s great to be able to be creative wherever there is a need"

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