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old Workshop

To celebrate the 175th anniversary, the original premises of the Klötzli knife smithy have been turned into a museum.

Learn about the history of the company and the craftsmanship, as well as the family and the building that was home to five genertaions of the Klötzli family. Explore the large collection of pocket knives and scissors, now also on display in the historical building.

Klotzli Alte Werkstatt Esse und Ambos

alte Werkstatt Details

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Kloetzli alte Werkstatt, Galerie Detail 1

Your Visit

The old Workshop is located on Mühlegasse 6, in Burgdorf, Switzerland.
Open saturdays, from 10:00 - 15:00.
Free entry


Klötzli alte Werkstatt, Plakat

Illustration Zuckerzange

Guided Tours

Saturdays, 10:30

An introduction into the history of the Klötzli family, the knife smithy and the craftsmanship and how it evolved with time. Duration about 1.5 hours.

Registration is requested.


Illustraion Tranchierbesteck


"Exciting and beautifully presented family history and craftmanship tradition. These are also "apprenticeship-years" for the visitor!"

H.H.   October 2021


"Unexpectedly stepped through the open door and plunged into the past and the history of the Klötzli company. I`m comming back!"

M.S.   October 2021


"Appreciation towards other generations, appreciation for their work and innovation as well as the lovingly collected and impressively displayied objects have left a deep imperssion on me."

H.K.   June 2021


"Careful, impressive, exciting and touching –  a wonderful exhibition, a museum with great potential. A lot of success and pleasure!"

C.F.   June 2021

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