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Sharpening Seminar

Knives – a tool that’s in use every single day! In our crash course you learn more about the production, usage and correct care of (kitchen) knives, how to sharpen and keep them sharp. HP Klötzli has been hosting this popular seminar for over 20 years. Seminar held in German in our stores in Burgdorf and Bern.

Vorderseite der Einladung zum Klötzli Schärfseminar

Find out:
• When can you sharpen a knife yourself?
• When do you need to bring it to a professional?
• What destroys an edge?
• What is the difference between sharpening an resharpening?

Learn this and more at the Klötzli Sharpening Seminar. Sign up for this free Seminar today and remember to bring your dull knives. Seminar held in German.

The seminars start at 07:00 pm, in the retail stores.
Duration: about 2.5 hours.

Next Seminars

Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, we have decided not to hold any sharpening seminars at the moment.
We will informt about new dates as soon as possible.


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Attention: limited space available.

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