Workshop tour

Craftsmanship is getting more and more important in our digital times.
We see a growing interest in our workshop and our production, that is why we
decided open our workshop to the public.

Take a tour of the workshop and watch the knivemakers at work.
The Klotzli family and team are looking forward to your visit.

Friday, april 27. 2018, 15.00 to 17.30.
Freitag, june 15. 2018, 15.00 to 17.30.
Reservations requred - limited space available.

H.P. Klotzli, Knifesmith, 5. Generation.



"It is my pleasure to give
you an insight into our
family owned smithy!"

H.P. Klotzli

World Premier

SC BernHockey Knife

The Klotzli Knifesmithy
is proud to produce the first ever knife made from original skids and sticks from the SC Bern players.

> SC Bern

Marie Klötzli, 3. Generation, in front of the Klotzli shop.

Marie Klötzli Dür

in front of the Klotzli Knifesmithy in Burgdorf, Switzerland, around 1920.


The Klotzli Knifesmithy
presents the first pocket knife

> shop

Visit the popular Klotzli sharpening seminar.

Sharpening Seminar

Learn how to maintain a sharp edge on your knives!

> Seminars in spring 2018