6. Generation

Nina & SamuelKlotzli

Nina and Samuel have both for a little while now been working in the family buisness and, thanks to the guidance of their parents, learn more about what it takes to run a business every day.

As Nina and Samuel are getting ready for the future of the Knivesmithy, the family proves to work very well together as a team.

Nina, born 1983

Nina has been working for the family business for about a year now. After
doing her GCSE`s in England she returned to complete an apprenticeship
in a Swiss high class hotel. When she finished, she decided to do a business
school while working for the family business. After completing she moved to the South of French and Australia where she took on several jobs, working on land as well as on the Sea. More than 4 years later she returned to Switzerland to attend a hotel management school.
That was now more than a year ago. She was eager to return to her roots and help her parents in their office, with all the newly aquired skills.

Samuel, born 1985

Sam also completed his official schooling in England. After returning and a short work experiance in the shop of the family business he did an apprenticeship as a shopwindow dysplay designer. He already started contributing to the family business with his creations during this apprenticeship, where ever there was need for renovations or create.
After completing the apprenticeship he did his obligatory Swiss Military service and after that quite extensive travels. After that he worked part time in his original profession as well as for the klotzli Knifesmithy. A bit more than a year ago he decided to dediacate all of his time to the family business.