5. Generation, born 1946

Hans PeterKlotzli

H. P. Klotzli served his knifemaker apprenticeship at Victorinox,
the world-famous producer of the Swiss Army Knife.
He started to travel in 1969, not to deepem his knowledge
of knifemaking but to see the world.

Since taking over the business from his parents in 1972, he has been embracing modern technology in the field of knifemaking while maintaining a strong appreciation for his family history and craftsmanship traditions.

„I do realize how much work and
compassion my ancestors put into
this business. I have also realized
what it takes to keep a business
running for 150 years, despite all
ups and downs. I have deep
respect for my ancestors, who
have, each in their times and
their way, contributed their part
to this endeavour. It was very
important to me to continue that
and to be able to contribute my
part to the family business.”


The Klotzli classic, the first gentlemans folder that H.P. produced under the name "Klotzli". There is an incredible amount of know-how and expertise in this product, which gained the Klotzli Knifesmithy worldwide renow among knifemakers.

the old workshop

19.07.1984, last day of production in the old workshop on Mühlegasse 6.
H.P. Klötzi, Paul Flury, Paul Jenal and Tsiring Brun.

The old rooms behind the workshop, that have been used since before 1846, have definately grown too small. There is not enough space for the production of the new knife models. The new workshop will be about 8 times bigger.

1972 H.P. takes over the family business. With the same eagerness that he had traveled the world during the last couple of years (backpacking around Africa, Souschef on a freighter or picking fruit on a banana plantation) he now takes on modernising the workshop. First the production of the cheesedrills.
Soon after the production needs more space.

Paul Flury

Knifesmith Paul Flury worked
fin the Klotzli workshop for
three generations (1931-1990).
(Picture on the left, next to H.P. Klotzli)


Colani Dagger

After the drawings of Luigi Colani, H.P. Klotzli created the Nobunaga
Dagger in 1990. There where three pieces made.


In 1981 H.P. and German
knifemaker published Wolf Borger
published the first european
knife magazine, "european blade",
later "Das Messer" (the knife).

In 1982 he organised the first
european knfe exhibition,
the Swiss Knife Show.


It has always been H.P.`s
passion to produce an
accurate and exact product.

As the first in the world H.P.
used Carbon as Handle material.
On the left for the model C22
for the american knifebrand


Prominet Visitors

The Production of these new gentleman folders needed a great amount
of know-how. The basis for this was given by Michael Walkers
"Liner Lock" technique.

Some of Americas most famous knife makers on a tour of the Klotzli workshop
in Burgdorf. Bob Terzuola, Michael Walker and Ron Lake.