3. Generation, 1873-1942

Ernst AlfredKlotzli

After his apprenticeship Ernst Alfred Klotzli also travelled through Europe,
working for different knifemakers to improve his skills. In 1917 he took over
the business from his father. He started the production of cheese triers which
are still made today. At the "Bern County Craftsmen Exhibition KABA", held in
1924, he first presented his fruit knives with stainless steel blades to
the public. The knives were awarded a gold medal.

Three generations of Klotzlis,
dated around 1900.

center: second generation,
Friedrich Ernst Klotzli.
left: third generation
Ernst Alfred Klotzli
with his son Ernst Ulrich Klotzli, forth generation

Marie Klotzli-Fritz, wife of Ernst Alfred Klotzli, in front of the shop around 1923.

The curtains behind the shop windows could be drawn to provide privacy for the customers inside.

The booth of Ernst Alfred Klotzli at the "Bern County Craftsmen Exhibition KABA" in 1924.

The stainless steel knives were a novelty and presented in apples to prove that they really wouldn't rust.