1. Generation, 1846-1882

Johann UlrichKlotzli

Johann Ulrich Klotzli was born in Zauggenried, a little village in the famous Emmental valley, on May the 30th, 1820. On September the 1st in 1835, thanks to the support of the local priest, Pastor Kuhn, who wanted Johann Ulrich to be able to learn a craft, he started his 4 year apprenticeship as a knifesmith with knifemaker Burri in Burgdorf.

In 1846 Johann's master Mr. Burri passed away and Johann was asked by Mr. Burri's widow to return from his travels and take over the knife smithy in Burgdorf.


Burgdorf, late 19th century

For 100 years, from 1846 to 1946, the Klotzli workshop and retail store was located in the third house on the right-hand side.